How Much Internet Do Streaming Services Use?

How much internet do streaming services use?

Streaming services have become a natural luxury of modern society. While they offer endless entertainment, they can run through internet data fairly quickly. This can be especially important for those watching data usage. Let's ask the basic question: How much internet do streaming services use? 


As the world's most popular streaming service, Netflix is very transparent with its data requirements. Depending upon the quality of video chosen in your settings, data usage will run between 0.3 GB/hour for Low to 7 GB/hour for Ultra HD. The default setting is SD at 3 GB/hour.

Disney Plus 

The newest vault of streaming videos offered comes as Disney Plus. Typically, data usage will run between 700 MB/hour and 1.5 GB/hour for SD and 1080p HD, respectively.


Though similar in nature to Netflix, Hulu lists many different data requirements. Ranging from 0.68 GB/hour for standard definition, their lowest setting, to 2.7 GB/hour for 1080p Ultra HD. Their only option for mobile devices uses 1.3 GB/hour and is HD. 

Amazon Prime

The video streaming service from Amazon provides three options for computers and a data-saving mobile device option. Ranging from 800 MB/hour at SD to 6 GB/hr for 4K Ultra HD, Amazon Prime has an option for every data plan.


The video-sharing platform does offer streaming options, most famously the live stream. The lowest resolution setting, 480p, uses 562.5 MB/hour, while the highest setting, 4K Ultra HD, uses 15.98 GB/hour. With such a range, users need to be cognizant of their resolution preferences.  
Streaming services, though a seamless entertainment option, requires some forethought from their users particularly concerning data usage. Most services offer a range of video quality and with it a range of data requirements. On average, customers can expect to need about 600 MB/hour for the lowest quality and 6.5 GB/hour for the highest setting. So, to answer our question: How much internet do streaming services use?, it depends. That's why you need a trusted data provider. For any setting or streaming option, Tuckersmith Communications can help you with your data needs!  

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