#howToTuesday - Turning off iMessage / BBM on your mobile devices

We are re-introducing our How-to-Tuesday segments in light of an initiative that is near and dear to my heart... #BellLetsTalk launches tomorrow and for those of you who are unaware of the details of this program, on January 25th, every time you talk, text and join in on social media, Bell will donate 5? more to mental health initiatives.

We need to keep in mind that iMessage and Blackberry Messenger are NOT considered 'text messages' and many plans today offer unlimited texting, you need to TURN OFF these services in order to help donate to mental health iniatives in Canada tomorrow.

For those unaware of how to shut off iMessage and Blackberry Messenger, here are some simple instructions:

Shut off iMessage

1 Find the "Settings" folder or application on your iPhone and select it.

2 Scroll down to select "Messages."

3 Click the "iMessage" bar so that it appears white. 

4 Click the "MMS Messaging" bar so that is appears green.

 You have now shut off iMessage.

shut off imessage

Shut off Blackberry Messenger

1 Find the "Options" folder or application on your BlackBerry and select it. Often, you can find "Options" within the "Setup" tab.

2 Select "Security Options." There will be numbered features under this menu. Scroll down to select "Firewall."

3 Choose "Firewall Options" to open all of the applications currently allowed or blocked by your BlackBerry phone.

4 Click "Disabled" in the "Status" drop-down menu. You should see SMS, MMS, PIN, Blackberry Internet Service and Enterprise Email. Select "Blackberry Internet Service."

5 Save your settings and return to the home screen. 

You have now disabled Blackberry Messenger


Let's help end the stigma #BellLetsTalk


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