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Wi-Fi is an essential part of everyday life. Our phones, laptops and tablets all depend on it to keep us connected to the world no matter where we are in our homes. When we want to use it outdoors or in rooms further away from our routers, we use Wi-Fi extenders to keep the signal strong. You may be wondering just how these extenders work. 

How Do Wi-Fi Extenders Work? 

A Wi-Fi extender works in a similar way to a stereo amplifier. It takes the signal that it receives, amplifies it and moves it to a different channel on your Wi-Fi frequency. It can be placed anywhere that you may have trouble receiving Wi-Fi due to distance or obstructions such as walls or furniture. If you get one, make sure that it has a relatively clear path for the signal to travel to the extender first. 

Are There Any Differences Between Wi-Fi Extenders and Repeaters?

Although extenders and repeaters do similar jobs, Wi-Fi extenders switch the signal to another channel, which strengthens the signal without the risk of signal interference. A Wi-Fi repeater boosts the signal on the same channel, and that can lead to slightly slower speeds and interference from other nearby routers. 

How Many Wi-Fi Extenders Can Be Used? 

The only limit to how many extenders you can use is the strength of the original Wi-Fi signal coming from your router. With each additional router, the signal is slightly depleted. In addition, the signal will be considerably weakened if you decide to connect them to each other. Most experts suggest that you should only have a maximum of two extenders for home use. If you have a larger home or a business space, then four extenders should be enough provided you have fast internet speeds. 

What Makes an Ideal Wi-Fi Extender? 

Ultimately, the only thing you need to worry about is the signal strength that each extender promises. You should also make sure that your extender has the latest firmware update available. 

We Have The Extenders You Need 

Tuckersmith Communications has the perfect Wi-Fi extender for your router regardless of where you are in Huron County. We've served this area for decades, and we pride ourselves on providing reliable high-speed internet & Wi-Fi to all of our rural customers. Contact us today to find out what Wi-Fi extender is right for you. 


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