Dealing with Spam Emails

Increase in Spam Email Accounts

Have you experienced receiving any unusual emails or pop-ups from TCC lately?  Recently there have been more and more reports regarding unfamiliar emails, text messages and even pop up surveys when you are surfing the web.

This is spam! Please be cautious if you come across these scam accounts.

What is Spam Email?

Spam is considered to be electronic junk mail or junk postings. The same spam email can be sent to millions of people at the same time and the addresses can often be guessed. It is difficult to stop receiving spam, but if you are careful and aware of infuriating junk messages, you will be protected from scams.

How To Deal With Spam Emails

Here are a few tips when dealing with spam emails or messages:

  1. Do not trust the display name!
  2. Don't give any personal information.
  3. Don't click on unknown links.
  4. Do not believe everything you see or read.
  5. Don't reply to the message.

TCC will NEVER ask you for personal or account information online. We will always call and speak directly to an account holder if details are needed. If you are unsure if you are receiving legitimate contact from TCC, please call the office

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