Skinny Basic TV

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the new CRTC "Let's Talk TV" policy decisions. The CRTC only requires an Entry Level Basic TV service to be offered by systems with over 20,000 subscribers. Because of our size and the markets we serve, these regulations do not apply to Tuckersmith Communications Co-operative.

However, in the coming months TCC will be launching new TV Packages & Themes, including a Skinny Basic $25 offering in order to give our customers even more choice. We will notify customers as more information becomes available.

TCC does already provide a number of the new CRTC recommendations in our current Digital TV offerings. Two main focuses of the ?Let?s Talk TV? legislation were smaller theme packages and pick n? pay for individual channels. We continue to have these options available to all customers to complement their Enhanced Digital TV packages. Further, we are working hard to negotiate with channel owners so that we can continue to add channels to this selection throughout 2016.

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