TCC Christmas COLOURING Contest

TCC Christmas Colouring Contest is officially under way! This year, we have 3 colouring sheets for your littles to enjoy. 

Like our Christmas promotion this year, we are hoping to spread a little more local Christmas cheer. Each winner of our colouring contest will receive $50 for themselves and $50 to 'pay it forward'. Whether that be purchasing a gift for a friend, family member or donating to a local organization. 

A small gesture like this sure can make someones day & we think our little artists are going to love to be able to give back too!

Please post your masterpieces in the comments section of The Colour Contest post on Facebook, we can't wait to see them. Winners will be announced December 14th!



First, we want to thank EVERYONE for participating, what an amazing response. We hope colouring these Christmas pictures helped to get everyone in the spirit as much as it did for us seeing them! Everyone's masterpieces were beautiful, thanks again and stay tuned for more in the future!

Each winner has received $50 for their hard work + an additional $50 to pay it forward this Holiday Season - whether that be purchasing a gift for a friend, family member or donating to a local organization, we can't wait to hear/see how our winner pay it forward!

WINNER #1: AGE 0-3; Ava Hart











WINNER #2: AGE 4-7; Emmett Flynn












WINNER #3: AGE 8+ Brayden Smale

colouring contest winner

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