Why Does The Internet Cut Out?

Why Does The Internet Cut Out?


Unlike internet service from twenty years ago, modern-day connections in Huron County are typically fast and reliable. That said, you might find yourself streaming movies one evening only to have the movie freeze at the worst possible moment. Similarly, phone connectivity might sometimes become spotty, or you might suddenly find yourself disconnected from your favourite internet site. Understanding why the internet still cuts out even in the age of high-speed connectivity is one of the first steps to solving your problem. It can also help you from pulling out your hair. 

Reasons Why the Internet Cuts Out 

  1.  Rain 

    Adverse weather involving heavy amounts of rain can expose a faulty outdoor connection between your home and the service provider's cable. When this happens, connectivity will not typically go out completely. Instead, it will work intermittently, which can be even more maddening than a complete disconnect.  

  2. Indoor Connection

    Faulty indoor connections can leave you with spotty service if the coaxial cable, for instance, is not tightly connected to the router. Additionally, if your service goes out and comes back on, you might find that your router seems to be working even if you cannot go online or make a call. In these instances, when all the lights are on but you cannot connect, you can reboot your router to reset your connection.  

  3.  Distance 

    If you use Wi-Fi, your router might not be strong enough to provide you fast or consistent connectivity if the signal must travel to the other end of a large house. Additionally, if the signal must travel down to a basement room or upstairs to a home office, you might need to bring the router closer to you or upgrade your router. Finally, in terms of distance, many computers come with an antenna that plugs into the back of the computer. Installing it is as simple as screwing it into place. Once installed, the antenna will help alleviate problems due to distance, and you can typically rotate it as necessary for a stronger connection.  

  4. Too Many Users 

    In terms of internet connectivity or television reception, your internet might cut out if too many users are utilizing limited bandwidth. In these instances, you will need to limit the number of users or perhaps upgrade your subscription.  

  5. Outdated drivers 

    Your router and different apps you use all connect to the internet via software known as drivers. These drivers sometimes need to be updated to the latest version to work properly. To find the latest driver, you can navigate to your device manager on your computer. When you find your device, you can select "update driver" from the menu, and your operating system will find the latest driver.   


Can’t Solve Your Internet Connectivity Problems?  

In rare cases, you might find that intermittent connectivity goes on for an hour or more. In these instances, you should contact Tuckersmith. That said, you do not have to wait for problems to arise. Even if you have questions about your service or need information about the best equipment to use for the best connection rates, a technician is always available. 


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