xSTREAMplus 2020


Who received a new electronic device for Christmas that connects to your home wifi?! #ourguessisalotofyou #mostofyou ???? ???? ???? ???? ⌚️

???? Our customers are adding more and more wireless devices to their home networks which will inevitably slow down the internet speed that can be delivered to each device at one time. ???? #moredevices #needmorespeed

Our xSTREAMplus TV & Internet bundle is a no brainer for those struggling with their internet speeds. It give you 100x100 speeds ⚡️ [compared to the 20x20 most customers currently have] + our Complete TV pack ???? + 2 STBs or 1 PVR. #needwesaymore All for $120/month. #sogood

Check out our complete xSTREAMplus bundle offering here then give us a call or chat with us [right there in the bottom right corner] to get you surfing faster, today! 


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