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Essential TV & Cable Package in Huron County & Bluewater essentials tv channels logos TCC tv$30/month

Essentials TV Package 

Do you need only the basics when it comes to TV packages? This is a great basic TV package for those who watch very little TV, but are looking for a selection of primary TV channels.  


  • 20 basic TV channels 

Essentials is only available to customers who have 2 or more TCC home services.





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Select TV & Cable Package in Huron County & Bluewater select tv channels


Select TV Package

Looking to add a little more variety to your TV experience? This TV package is ideal for those looking for a variety of channels. This includes news channels, family and kids channels as well as specialty programming.  


  • all channels in Essentials + 29 additional channels  





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Complete TV & Cable Package in Huron County & Bluewater complete tv package channels


Complete TV Package

For a premier TV experience, consider our Complete TV package. This TV package includes a wide variety of sports channels, music channels, family, kids & news programming. With so much specialty content, this TV package truly is, complete. 

With our Complete TV package you can customize your TV experience by adding even more content. Our theme packs, filled with loads of specialty content, are sure to satisfy any TV buff!


  • All channels in Select package + 58 additional channels



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