TCC TV: Digital TV service in Huron County & Bluewater



You've been waiting for an all-new, more versatile TV service that suits your busy life & it's finally here. TCCTV is jam-packed with features that will make you fall in love with TV all over again. We've even pre-built money-saving bundles that include our new TCCTV service + the best internet speeds at one low monthly rate.



Is there anything worse than missing the first ten minutes of your favourite show?The  RESTART feature lets you do just that, restart to beginning of a show with the click of a button. You'll use this feature more than you think!


If you have channels like Sportsnet, HGTV, Global or CTV in your subscription you can now simply download their APP , log in with your TCCTV account and enjoy live TV, on demand programming & more. Remember to register for TVEverywhere first.


tcc tv lookback feature

The LOOKBACK feature takes it one step further allowing you to lookback up to 36 hours on most channels. Maybe you missed the Bachelor Monday night or the newest episode of Leave It To Bryan and forgot to set you Network DVR, we got you. 

TCC TV pause feature

If you've never had a PVR before you are going to love the flexibility that the PAUSE feature gives you. Have to run to the bathroom, baby crying or need to grab a snack? Pause, do what you have to do and play. 


tcc tv network DVR

Record & watch later, never miss an episode of your favourite show, TCC TVs NETWORK DVR does everything your traditional PVR does & MORE. Now you can watch all your recorded content across all your devices.

devices tcc tv

It's never been easier to watch TCC TV on all your DEVICES. Simply download the TCC TV app on your tablet, phone, laptop or SmartTV & watch from anywhere on your home WIFI network. Yes, this makes TV viewing on the deck, seamless.


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