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International Cellular Roaming


Travel outside Canada with your cell phone

Many of our customers regularly cross the border to the U.S.A or go on week vacations to various countries all over the world and want to bring their cell phone along with them. We provide competitive roaming rates but there are a few key steps that need to be taken before you leave:

  1. Visit our website, call or come in to view all roaming packages. These rates differ depending on where you are travelling.
  2. If a DATA package is not purchased you need to ensure your Data Roaming is turned off on your device.

    iPhone: go into settings > cellular > turn data roaming off.
    Android: go into settings > fine mobile networks > turn data roaming off.
    BlackBerry: go into settings > network connections > mobile networks > data services while roaming: off.
  3. iPhone users: You also want to turn off your iMessage if you do not have a data pass. iMessage uses data so if you are trying to send an iMessage from abroad it will not go through until you have data services again. You want to send as a ?regular text? by following these steps: Go into settings > Messages > turn iMessage off
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