Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Services

How do I reset my TCC.ON.CA email password?

If you have forgotten your TCC.ON.CA email password, please contact Tuckersmith Communications and our customer service representatives will assist you in changing your password.

I am experiencing slow internet speeds, what should I do?

There are many reasons as to why you may be experiencing slow internet speeds. With an increase in the number of wireless devices per household you may need to increase your speed depending on your online habits. To see what internet speed you are currently getting, we suggest performing a Speed Test. Please select Bayfield or Zurich/Dashwood. 

How do I make my Internet wireless within my house? Do you install wireless routers?

Yes, when you book your internet services installation with Tuckersmith Communication, our technicians will happily install a wireless router for you. You can rent them from TCC for $4/month. If you have your own router, please have it onsite on the day of your appointment. If you would like a router installed after your service installation date, a fee of $20 will apply. 

My SmartTV won't connect to WiFi, now what?

If you are experiencing issues with your SmartTv, such as little to no connection with your home WiFi, we strongly suggest you have an ethernet installed. Our experienced technicians would be happy to assist in providing you with further information. 



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