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How do I set up my TCC or EZlink email on my mobile device?

Our most asked Mobile question! We hope these instructions get you on your way to staying connected on the go!

TCC.ON.CA Email Addresses                                          EZ-Link Email Addresses
Generic Server Settings                                                              Generic Server Settings
Select IMAP                                                                                    Select IMAP
Username: everything before                                 Username: everything before
ex:, username = customer                     ex:, username = customer

Incoming Server:    Port 993                             Incoming Server:  Port 993
Security: TLS (Recommended)/SSL                                        
                                                                                                         Outgoing Server:   Port 587
Outgoing Server:   Port 587                            
Security: STARTTLS (Recommended)TLS/SSL

*Outgoing mail requires authentication

How do I call 911 from my Mobile phone?

It is very important that all our customer are aware of how to use E911 services on their Mobile phones. Please carefully read these instructions and call our customer service representatives should you have any concerns.

Are there any tips to improve my Mobile battery life?

As our mobile phones age it is common to start seeing your battery life decrease. We have compiled a few helpful tips to help make your battery last a little longer!

How can I avoid Roaming charges while traveling?

Staying connected while you're away from home doesn't have to be expensive or confusing! Check out our tips for making sure your Mobile Settings are ready for travel!

Heading out on vacation soon? Make sure to browse our Mobile Roaming Packages for your destinat

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