How to Fix Slow Internet

How to Fix Slow Internet?


So many people rely on the internet to provide them with work, entertainment and access to important information. However, a slow internet connection can cause issues and make it difficult to do what you want on your computer. If you really want to learn how to fix slow internet connections, then try out some of these ideas.

Try a Direct Connection

Many people want to use their WiFi connections so they can just use their laptop from any location in the house. Keep in mind that a WiFi connection won't have as much strength as a direct connection, so this could be the cause of your slowdown. If you think this is the case, then you should look into purchasing an Ethernet cable. 
Ethernet cables allow you to hook your computer or electronic device directly to the router, which will give you the best connection possible. On top of this, you can find Ethernet cables with various lengths, so this will allow you to pick one that will work for your situation. This way, you can keep your computer connected and your internet connection as stable as possible. 

Use a Repeater

If you need to use a WiFi connection because your device doesn't have an Ethernet port, then you could look into repeaters. Repeaters are devices that can take the signal from your router and extend it to farther distances. This happens as the router reaches the repeater and extends your WiFi signal. 
If you want to have a stronger connection while being on the other side of the house away from your router repeaters are a great option. There are multiple types of repeaters available online, so you can find one that will provide the WiFi signal that you need for faster internet speeds. 

Upgrade Your Connection

Remember that the issue with your internet might come from your actual connection. When you purchase a plan from your internet provider, you can choose how much upload and download speed it will provide you. Higher speeds mean that you can download files and use the internet at a faster rate. 
Depending on your plan, you should get in contact with your internet provider. See if there are upgrades that you can purchase for your plan so you can get better connections and increase your internet speed. 


Trust Tuckersmith Communications to Help Fix Slow Internet Speeds

You have a couple of ways that you can troubleshoot your internet issues to see if you can improve the speed. Keep in mind that the problems may be out of your control or require you to contact your internet provider. If you aren’t sure how to fix slow internet, get in touch with Tuckersmith Communications today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and help you to troubleshoot your internet issues.

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