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From light internet users who only need the very basics, to active internet users or big families with many devices – Tuckersmith has internet packages and plans to suit your individual needs.

xstream internet in a bundle


basic internet package


internet speeds 20mpbs

upload speed  up to 20 mbps      download speed  up to 20mbps

Basic Internet Package

Our Basic Internet package is ideal for light Internet users - those who mostly do light surfing, email and use social media sites.



Unlimited monthly usage
2 Email addresses

 ** Service & speed subject to location **
Contact our office for more information 

Basic Internet is only available to customers who subscribe to more than one TCC service.


plus internet package most popular


speed test

upload speed  up to 50mbps      download speed  up to 50mbps

Plus Internet Package

Most popular among our customers, Plus Internet is perfect for the average Internet user. If you & your family are active online, occasionally stream video and download music - this is the speed you need.

Unlimited monthly usage
2 Email addresses

** Service & speed subject to location **
Contact our office for more information. 





extreme internet speed gage

upload speed  up to 100mbps      download speed  up to 100mbps

xSTREAM Internet Package

If you are familiar with watching an entire Netflix series in one weekend while simultaneously surfing the web & checking your social media from your smartphone ... all while your family member is doing the same in the next room - Extreme Internet is made for you.

Unlimited monthly usage
5 Email addresses

** Service & speed subject to location **  Contact our office for more information.



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