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welcome to tcc

You're landing here because you are either a brand new customer with TCC or just added another service, either way -- welcome! It is so very important to us that every TCC customer is educated on our full suite of services and is able to get the absolute most out of their TCC experience. Please, take a moment to browse the categories below, register for Smarthub and, of course, redeem your $25 welcome credit! [...scroll all the way down!!]

welcome mobile

TCC TAB really is the best way to get the smartphone you want, now. We are so proud of this program - it's easy, it's predictable and is industry leading. If you're not with TCC for your mobile services, we promise you, this is worth the look.

Mobile Travel Packages allow you to stay in touch while you're out of country for the day, week or even month. Day passes to monthly add ons, there is an affordable solution for everyone.

Add your TCC email to your Mobile Device using these quick and easy steps!


welcome tv

Watch TV Everywhere allows you to watch live TV & catch up on your favourite TV shows anytime, anywhere. Free, with your TCC TV subscription, it's easy to register - start here!

Video on Demand is an entire library of content right on your set top box. Kids programming, movies, sitcoms all on demand. If you can't find anything you want to watch on live TV, you'll be sure to find something here. 

View our full Channel Line Up & browse all our prebuilt theme packages. Many channels are also available as pick and pay options as well.

Free Previews are always a nice treat! Networks put their stations on free preview for our entire customer base to view throughout the year.


welcome phone

Contrary to what you might think, landline service is still very popular in many of our customers homes. 

We offer Canada & US Long Distance packages and a competitive 3¢ per min calling rate, when you subscribe to more than 1 TCC service.

Just about every Calling Feature imaginable to customer your landline service exactly the way you want it.



welcome smart hub

Smarthub is your gateway to access your TCC account - anytime, anywhere! Plus, there are some major perks for getting set up.

• View your current bill & billing history
• Make payments or register for automatic CC payment
• Report an issue for your service
• View important TCC notices/outages
• Customize your notification type *new text alerts!*
• Save $1/month by registering for eBill
• Contact TCC customer service

Download the SmartHub APP or get started here today!

internet welcome

Internet usage changes drastically from household to household. It is important to understand how many WiFi enabled devices you have operating in your home to ensure you have enough speed to support them all. 

xSTREAMplus is by far our most popular internet solution. Bundles with our Complete TV package is really is the best of both worlds. Are you already subscribed? If not, you need to check this out.

Stay tuned, we have exciting new internet options launching this year!


redeem welcome credit

You made it! We're so glad you choose TCC as your local communications provider. Please fill our the form below to claim your $25 credit! One of our service reps will review your submission and contact you when you credit has been applied!


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