Network changes will be performed on Monday Oct 22nd from 1am-4am. If your service is not working in the morning, please reboot your router or ONT and service should reconnect momentarily.   If you do nothing then service should restore itself by 8am. Preparations will begin on Oct 18th at midnight but should not impact services.   As always, if you have no service then please perform normal troubleshooting steps by simply rebooting your router/device and waiting 5 minutes before phoning into support to report a trouble. Thanks for your patience during this maintenance period.

Per-Paid Phone Plans

Prepaid Service Plan

No Term$229.95
  • 16GB
  • 5" Super AMOLED display
  • Ultra 'Power Saving' mode
  • Quick-launch 5 megapixel camera
  • Available in Black
No Term$99.95

4GB, Compact Design, Dual Display & Long lasting battery


Prepaid Voice Plan

$100  Valid for 365 days

Included Features:

  • $ 0.75/month system access fee
  • $ 0.50/min anytime local minutes
  • $ 0.30/text message (sent and received) in Canada
  • $1/min long distance within Canada and from Canada to US
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conference Calling
  • Message Centre Express
  • Call Waiting & Call Display
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