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Respecting and Protecting Our Customers' Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Tuckersmith Communications respects and protects the privacy of our customers. We carefully ensure the confidentially of each customer?s account information.

The Privacy Policy specifically complies with the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which took effect on January 1, 2001.

The Scope Of The Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy addresses the privacy of Tuckersmith Communications retail customers and visitors to Tuckersmith Communications web sites in Canada. It identifies the type of data and information Tuckersmith Communications collects, how we use it and the steps taken to protect your privacy.

Personal Information

Personal information is information about an identifiable individual. This includes information about your product and service subscriptions and usage. Publicly available information, such as public directory listing of your name, address, telephone number, electronic address, is not considered to be personal information.

Collecting Information Helps Us Serve You Better

Tuckersmith Communications collects personal information only for the following purposes:

  • to establish and maintain responsible commercial relations with you and provide you with ongoing service;
  • to understand your needs and eligibility for products & services;
  • to recommend particular products & services to meet your needs;
  • to develop, enhance, market or provide products and services;
  • to manage and develop Tuckersmith?s business and operations, including personnel and employment matters; and
  • to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Your personal information will not be used for any other purpose without your consent.

Other Parties With Whom We May Share Personal Information

While our general policy is not to provide personal information to any party outside of Tuckersmith Communications, there are certain limited circumstances, outlined below, in which it is necessary to do so. When we do provide personal information to third parties, we provide only that information that is required in the circumstances. Information provided to third parties is used only for the purpose stipulated and is subject to strict terms of confidentiality. Employees of the companies to whom we may provide information must adhere to our privacy standards. Third parties include:

An agent acting on behalf of Tuckersmith, such as a company hired to perform billing, installation or maintenance on our behalf;

Another telecommunications service provider, in order to offer efficient and cost effective provision of telecommunications services;

An agent used by Tuckersmith to evaluate the customer's credit worthiness or to collect the customer's account;

Law enforcement agencies, in emergencies, for internal security matters, or where required by court order or search warrant; and

Emergency services, in emergency situations.

Commitment To Privacy

We take all of the necessary precautions to ensure the safeguarding of your information, whether it is stored electronically or in paper format. In all cases, information is retained in secure facilities, protected from unauthorized access and kept only as long as is reasonably required. For example, our electronic files are backed up for redundancy, password protected and accessible only by authorized employees, on a need-to-know basis.

Use Of ?Cookies?

Some of Tuckersmith Communications Web sites may use ?cookies? to improve our level of service and speed up the delivery of information to our visitors. Cookies are lines of text that are transmitted to your Web browser when you click on a site. They provide a way for a server to recall a previous request or previous registration, or to keep track of a transaction as it progresses, so that information does not have to be repeated. Your browser stores the information on your hard drive and when you return to that site later, the cookie is transmitted back only to the servers that originally sent it to you. You will find that most major web sites use cookies and most major browsers are set up to accept them. If you wish, you can reset your browser either to notify you when you have received a cookie, or to refuse to accept cookies. You do not need cookies to visit our sites.

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about your privacy, you can contact us at the business office at (519) 263-2211. Our customer service representatives will assist you in resolving the situation. If you still have unresolved concerns with respect to the treatment of your personal information, you may address these concerns, in writing, to the following:

Tuckersmith Communications Co-operative Limited 
c/o General Manager
Kippen, Ontario N0M 2E0.

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