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From rural internet, TV and phone services, as well as home security and monitoring services, Tuckersmith Communications proudly provides Huron County customers with the very best in telecommunication services, designed to meet the needs of our rural clients.

For over 100 years, we’ve grown and adapted to industry and technology needs, providing our customers with the latest in technology telecommunications services and products. We continue to grow and adapt our service offerings, ensuring we are always delivering the very best to keep you connected.

Here’s a look at the range of communication services available from Tuckersmith Communications for Huron East, Central Huron and Bluewater, Ontario:

Mobile Cell Phone Plans and Services

Tuckersmith Communications has been providing reliable mobile cell phone plans and services to the regions of Bluewater, Central Huron, Huron East and beyond for a number of years. We proudly offer the very best in service and selection for mobile phone plans in and around Huron County and are considered one of the leading local mobile service providers in Southwestern, Ontario.

Local Leading Cell Phone Plans and Services

We take great pride in providing our Huron County customers with exceptional cell phone and wireless phone plans from the industry’s most trusted cell phone providers. Our mobile phone packages and services are designed to provide flexible and customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of our local customers.

Ongoing Mobile Phone Service and Support

Beyond just providing great mobile phone packages and products, Tuckersmith Communications stands behind our commitment to continuously provide unmatched customer service to our mobile phone customers in Huron East, Central Huron and Bluewater. From initial consultation and cell phone package and mobile phone selection, to setup and ongoing support, the Tuckersmith team is here to help with all of your mobile phone questions.

Reliable Mobile Phone Services in Huron County from Tuckersmith Communications

Let Tuckersmith Communications be your first choice when it comes to mobile services and plans. As the area’s top mobile service providers, we go above and beyond to help our clients make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right cell phone and mobile  plan for their family. Contact our team today to learn more about our cell phone plans, services and solutions.

Internet Services

As the Huron County's leading rural internet service providers, we proudly provide the very best in high speed internet services to our customers throughout Huron County. Our team of internet service specialists provide insight and guidance when it comes to choosing the right internet packages and services for your individual needs. Beyond that, we’re always here to provide ongoing service and support to ensure you’re always connected. From internet service signup to installation and support, Tuckersmith Communication’s internet services are unmatched.

Reliable High-Speed Internet Providers

Stream Netflix, work from your home office, watch YouTube videos and browse the internet with confidence using Tuckersmith Communications high speed internet services, designed for the rural areas of Huron County. Our unlimited home WiFi services means that you can upload and download as much content as your heart desires.

Complete Home Internet Packages

At Tuckersmith Communications, we offer a range of home internet packages to suit the varying internet needs of our customers in Huron East, Central Huron County and Bluewater, Ontario. From basic internet packages for simple internet browsing, to comprehensive internet service packages to serve the internet needs of growing families and professionals.

Huron County’s Leading Rural Internet Service Provider

Get fast and reliable rural internet that you can trust to keep you connected. Tuckersmith is Huron County’s top choice for home internet services, with packages to serve a range of internet needs. Contact or team of internet service specialists today to learn more.

Digital TV and Cable Services

Tuckersmith Communications is proud to be the leading TV and cable provider in Huron County, offering a range of TV packages to choose from. From basic TV packages, to theme packages, to pick-and-pay, sports, movies and news, our specialized packages can be tailored to suit you and your family’s needs. Our digital TV and cable services provide our customers with the highest quality of TV services, whether you’re watching from home or watching on the go from mobile devices.

Watch TV On Your Mobile Devices

Take your TV watching experience with you on the go. Tuckersmith offers TVEverywhere so you can watch your favourite programing from everywhere any anywhere

Exceptional Services and Support From Huron County Cable Providers

Tuckersmith provides more than just a great selection of TV packages. We go the distance to ensure that our customers are taken care of when it comes to their TV services. From your initial consultation with our team, to choosing the right rural TV services and package for you, through to installation and customer support, we’re here to make sure your TV watching experience is always optimal.

Cable TV Packages Customized to You and Your Family

No two families are the same – and neither are their TV-watching preferences. At Tuckersmith, we offer a wide range customized TV packages to Huron East, Central Huron and Bluewater, Ontario, so you can choose the programming that’s right for you. Just looking for the basics? We offer basic cable TV packages complete with some great local channels. Looking for a more customized cable TV package? We offer Pick N Pay TV packages and theme packs for that truly custom TV experience.

Telephone Services

Whether you just need to make local calls or are looking to stay connected with friends and family across Canada or around the world, Tuckersmith offers  rural telephone services to suit your needs. We’re proud to be the leading home phone provider in Huron County, offering customizable landline services and solutions to families and businesses throughout the region.

Customized Landline Phone Plans and Services

We offer comprehensive home phone plans to keep you connected. A great selection of basic landline phone packages to provide you with the basic home phone services you need. As the leading local home phone company for the Huron Region, we also offer customizable solutions and calling features to create a home phone plan designed for you. We also offer our customers with seasonal and vacation service rates to keep your great home phone plans locked in when you may be on vacation or away from home from extended periods.

Leading Local Business Telephone Service Providers

Tuckersmith Communications also provides Huron County businesses with comprehensive business landlines and services. Stay connected with your customers and clients with our leading local business phone plans. We offer competitive rates, multi-line discounts and bundling options that combine your landline and mobile phone services in one convenient rate.

Quality Home Phone and Landline Services in Huron County

Let Tuckersmith be your choice for superior home and business phone services to keep your family and business connected. We’re proud to be the leading home phone service provider for Huron East, Central Huron and Bluewater, and we’re committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. Get in touch with the Tuckersmith Communications team to learn more.

Home Security Systems and Monitoring

Get reliable home security, monitoring and automation with Tuckersmith Communications home security services. We offer comprehensive security services, including home security systems, cameras, alarm systems and home automation integration. We offer unique rural home security solutions designed to meet the needs of our clients. Whether it be customized rural security systems, driveway and motion detection systems, or wireless outdoor security cameras to provide you with peace of mind when you’re away from home.

Rural Home Protection and Mobile Security Services

Our state-of-the-art security services allow us to provide you with just the right coverage for your family's needs. Protect your home while you’re away and get mobile phone alerts or camera access from your mobile device. Providing you with essential updates and notifications for carbon monoxide leaks, unknown entry and more.

Control Smart Home Devices

Beyond home security, our home automation services allow you to control your smart home devices right from your mobile devices. Synch with lights, locks, thermostats, cameras or security systems and have complete control from anywhere and everywhere.

Leading Local Home Security Systems in Huron County

Designs with rural properties and homes in mind, Tuckersmith delivers reliable home security systems and services to our valued customers in Huron East, Central Huron and Bluewater, Ontario. From consultation, to security product selection, to home security system installation services, our team is here to make securing your home a simple and seamless process. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

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