Network changes will be performed on Monday Oct 22nd from 1am-4am. If your service is not working in the morning, please reboot your router or ONT and service should reconnect momentarily.   If you do nothing then service should restore itself by 8am. Preparations will begin on Oct 18th at midnight but should not impact services.   As always, if you have no service then please perform normal troubleshooting steps by simply rebooting your router/device and waiting 5 minutes before phoning into support to report a trouble. Thanks for your patience during this maintenance period.


      Residential Landline


home phone

Enhanced 911 Service: $0.24/month
Relay Service:   $0.13/month

Tuckersmith Communications offers wire line telephone and long distance service within our exchanges. We offer a wide range of additional calling features for our residential customers.

New to the area? Call our helpful customer service representatives for personalized service and a complete solution for your home. Learn how to bundle your home phone with our other services and save every month!

      Business Landline


Enhanced 911 Service: $0.24/month
Relay Service:   $0.13/month

Tuckersmith Communications offers our business customers very competitive rates with excellent bundling opportunities for all your business communication needs. Ask us about multi-line discounts and how easy it is to bundle and integrate your business mobile phones into one low monthly bill.

business phonesContact our office for more pricing and information regarding upgrading your current phone system to a new IP solution. Hosted IP phone systems are ideal for multi-location businesses and/or those with 5 or more lines.

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