What is Cloud Storage?

What is Cloud Storage?

For years, data stored online was stored on a specific server that users had to access if they wanted to download or update their files, but high-speed Internet has made Internet-based cloud storage accessible and convenient for many. 
Although the function of cloud storage might seem a bit hazy, it's not complicated to answer the question "What is cloud storage?". The cloud consists of a series of powerful computers that store data thanks to cloud computing technology that powers cloud storage, which means your files aren't saved to a particular server. Because you aren't limited by the abilities of a single server, you can easily scale up when your needs grow. While versatile, cloud storage requires you to be connected to the Internet, and a slow connection can hinder software that runs on the cloud or force you to wait while accessing your data. With so many options for high-speed data transfer, however, the cloud is a fitting solution for many needs. 

How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Your files and data are uploaded to the Internet from your device, and you can access them at any time from various devices. The data is synced across your devices, providing you with the most recent version. There are multiple ways to search a cloud for data that's stored on it, but cloud storage does not rely on a hierarchy of folders to store data the way your computer does. It's also easy to share files with associates and clients when it's stored in the cloud.  
Almost all devices come with some sort of cloud storage solution to owners, some of which are free with limits. You may have an option to upgrade if you need more storage. If each member of your family has their own account or device, extra storage can come in handy. Some devices or apps may automatically backup your data to the cloud, so you don't have to do anything. However, you may want to manually select which data is backed up and when.


Which Cloud Storage Option is Right for Me? 

There are plenty of cloud storage options for those who wish to use the storage that comes with their devices. Some companies cater to individuals, while others offer enterprise solutions. Businesses, for example, require more storage and potentially more security than the average smartphone user needs. And for businesses, the cloud may offer potential savings over purchasing, securing, and upkeeping their own hardware to store data and run software on it. The company providing deals with everything related to IT.  

Cloud storage comes in several flavors: public, private, and hybrid. Multiple users rely on public storage from a cloud provider; however, companies can create private cloud storage for increased convenience and security. Hybrid cloud storage options allow customers to choose which data to store in public and private clouds. 

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